Various Artists | Aegri Somnia [DGP001]

Releasedate  27 march 2020

DGP001 Aegri Somnia Is a various artist compilation, that took months of hard work, selecting every piece carefully. The first of it’s kind on our label, and it needed to be perfect.

DGP is a tribute and a good riddance for Diego Gonazalez Peric, always to be remembered in our music and hearts. Our compilation series will carry this name in his honor.

Conceptually, we wanted to include music from all the founding members of this collective, and friends who supported our way through the past five years. This work became pretty intense.
It was challenging to find artist from so many countries, who added flavour and a touch of their own taste in electronic music. It’s not easy to fit so many different styles in one body of work and still tell a story through the record. We managed because everyone involved gave it his best.

We wanted to provoque emotions, to create atmospheres and something meaningful for those who listen. We needed more than 4/4 techno for the dancefloor; We think we’ve acchieved our goals for this album.

Aegri Somnia is best explained as: ‘A sick man’s dreams.’ One of our beloved founding members had the following to say:

“Aegri Somnia means the dreams of a sick person. During the time this album was put together, I had to deal with strong health issues, and Becky, Jelle, Daniel and Andy never let me down. They supported me and they are the reason why I can still write these words for you. They are not my colleagues or friends, they became family. My dream, the biggest of them all, is to keep on working with them for life, bringing arts to all of the planet until my story is done. ”

We hope you enjoy our compilation album as much as we had fun preparing it for you guys! Again we thank all our listeners for their time and support!

music by Raadsel, Tension, Max Cue, ADNT, CODE701, Dyade, Casual Treatment, Agustin Delbosco & IT’S U
mastering by Andy Verschaeren
artwork by Becky Jaraiz