Back in 2016, when Pollen released its debut album “From now on” by ADNT, we were thrilled to announce that the celebrated Belgian producer Max Cue complemented this album with a remix, highlighting contours from the original track and adding a style and quality that was recognized by no other than Markus Schultz. Since then, Max Cue has decided to join in our journey, releasing among others the 3 track album Ecchymosis on our platform in 2018.

On Pollen’s seventh main release, Max Cue is back again, guiding us through an ever increasing and developing atmospheric and meticulously orchestrated musical environment. Pollen is proud to present: “Disease”, by Max Cue.

What starts out as a reverie, gradually opens up our senses to a wholesome and mesmerizing experience, wherein the well known style of Max Cue’s susceptible dance is intuitively welcomed. Each track feels like leading to a fitting follow up, enabling us to dwell and stay submerged in the album. Although each track has a qualitative feature of its one, Max Cue’s Disease shows us his musical power in creating an all-encompassing and incredibly fine-tuned auditive world.

Disease doesn’t just lay claim to dance and rhythm, it embodies the journey that leads to these sentiments, introducing it’s cause gently and moderately, giving us the possibility to join in on where it is trying to go. Disease manages to do so without losing it’s remote and moony feel whatsoever after the intro tracks have passed. It takes us by the hand and you don’t feel like letting go any time soon.

On “Spiegelbeeld” and “Onweer”, both Dutch names roughly translated to English meaning: “Mirror image” and “Thunderstorm”, Max Cue is joined by Pete O’Deep. When listening to the album as a whole, it is hard – somewhat impossible even – to posit the collaborative tracks as off, or different compared to Max’s solo tracks. Pete and Max manage to work together in a way that heightens and strengthens the style and quality of the album as an entity, adding not simply a remix (or two), but building on the granular, thoughtful, rich and embosoming feel of Disease. Enjoy listening!