We are happy to announce that Tension is back with a new, delicate and fresh 4 track EP called “Paper Shapes”, comforting the mind and setting the body in motion, following the incentives that proved valuable and likeable to our early listeners on PLN002, also by Tension.

Although both EP’s have a distinctive style, they seem to enter the dancers feeling in a different manner. Paper Shapes feels more gentile and easier to comprehend when compared to Beacon. One can imagine feeling vulnerable, like a paper shape, moving inward and into your body when listening.

Paper Shapes invites us to shape our movement in accordance with sounds that seem to represent a hard to define melancholia, where Beacon feels to be more taunting and gallic.

Although both albums are supportive of motion and dance, via Paper Shapes, Tension has introduced us to yet another of his many forms. We are glad to hereby introduce PLN006: “Paper Shapes”, by Tension. Enjoy listening!

Pollen project | PLN006 Paper Shapes