Pollen. is flying all over the world, flowers are in bloom and the hope of a better musical universe has invaded the family.
Our friend Tension created Beacon, a three track EP full of mystery and groove.

Tension, a young producer from Bielefeld Germany who previously released on Besure and Kaputt music, had his debut as DJ at Tresor a while back. Tension is now back with a much stronger, darker and altogether powerful sound compared to his previous release.

Title track of the EP is a slow evolving groove relying mostly on the bass to be a signal, a guide, a beacon. The top layers provide a soothing rhythm. Subtle sounds, guided by the baseline, like a calm sea hitting the breakwater.

Ancient Wisdom and Hidden structures tell a much more eerie tale. Atmospheric soundwaves resolve into a higher level of consciousness. Transcending time and space. Transcending wisdom and structures.

The ocean has an indestructable power. The greatest force on the planet. Giving life and taking it. Our human race is both fascinated and challenged by it. Sailing and exploring the world’s seas, we always need to find a way home. On the shoreline shines a light that will guide you back to the mainland. That light is Beacon.
Its magical spell has reunited forces from Portugal and Argentina, to add three shocking remixes to the release.

The international team who made this EP possible is
-2 and Temudo
PMDX and Boske