Welcome to Pollen. Project


Used for transferring male genetic material from the anther of a single flower to the stigma of another.

We are an international collective of spirits, who truly believe in our power to change reality.
Conveyors, of valuable information, the most important healing instrument, arts. We want to share it, make it travel
as far as it can go, to everyone who needs help, to carry their emotions through life, or a friend to celebrate the good ones.
Creators, making every possible sacrifice to generate one more second worth the living, for each individual we reach.
We are focused on quality, no matter what we do. We don’t care for fame, we want to be important, for those who share our path.
A reaction, fighting against standards, a system which is crooked in all possible manners. Trying to bring back to arts, what it should have not been ever taken,
by ghosts who finance their vices with our effort, when all we care for is to do more for everyone.
Every member has an obligation with the whole, representing a way of living. A family to live and die for.

We are all one thing, creating life.
We are Pollen.